UGC New Guidelines for Universities and College Admissions & Online Education

UGC New Guidelines for Universities and College Admissions & Online Education

Who knew the virus that started making headlines in Wuhan, China would fly and reach India & devastate our lives.

That’s unfortunate, indeed.

However, following the universal principle of — ‘the show must go on…’ educational structure across most of the countries has been revamped to cope with the virus. Following the world’s footprints, Indian educational system has also put a step ahead to meet the quality education norms and aid students with the best online teaching-learning experience.

Right from paying attention to implementing an admission management system to preparing faculty & students to adopt the “new normal” on a psychological level, they are leaving no stone unturned.

Pursuing the hustle of ensuring best practices, the highly reputed governing body in India since 1953- The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued university & college admission-related guidelines to help students avail hassle-free education in the wake of Covid-19.

What does the Admission Guidelines of UGC Say?

Admissions for the academic year — 2020–21 needs to be performed by the college & universities faculties in between the time frame of 1st August to 31st August, 2020. So, the new session would start from September 2020. If you are an educator, please consider opting for a university ERP or college admission ERP software respectively. Utilizing an online college admission system can simplify the journey for your staff and students.

Some of the key highlights of UGC guidelines after the college and university admission are done successfully-

· Virtual Labs Setup

College & university students should be given enough exposure to crucial lab assignments, practical and experiments with the aid of virtual labs.

Colleges and universities can record the lab pictures and images and present it to the students.

College management software can help facilitate the work in an easier, faster, and seamless way!

An MHRD link of the virtual labs to help students in the fields of engineering/science /technology would also be a viable option.

The ball is in your court completely!

· Best edTech Facilities for Virtual Classrooms

The role of ICT can be quite impactful.

Perhaps why the UGC guideline prompts that e-content provision, video conferencing, and online college and university exams needs to be conducted strategically.

It further says that the college and university faculty must be trained properly to ensure no technical as well as communication issues. They can complete 25% of the curriculum online and the rest of the syllabus can be taught offline if the situation is in control.

Institutions that are located in highly crowded areas must prioritize students’ & faculty health before commencing anything!

· Research Work Grounds

The lockdown period is being extended continuously because there’s no solution that could resist the multiplication of Covid-19 virus.

In such a situation, the UGC has asked universities and colleges to treat the lockdown time as “deemed to be attended” for students who are doing research projects.

Also, a six-month extension should be given to the students doing the — MPhil and PhD programs. Their viva exams and assessment tests can be conducted online via edTech tool with video conferencing feature.

· Universities Gearing Up Against the Virus!

Universities will work on creating a COVID-19 cell.

They also need to design and implement a 6-day week pattern to help faculties and students cover up the academic loss for the remaining session of 2019–2020 and 2020–2021.

In a nutshell-

UGC is taking utmost care to empower students and faculty during the lockdown phase.

These thoughtful guidelines are proof of it.

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