The Latest UGC Guidelines for Colleges, Universities & Hostel Reopening

Not much time has passed when Dr. Marcus Specht, a renowned educationist, quoted -

“The students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their context … and they want it at the moment the need arises. Not sooner, not later. Mobile devices will be a key technology to providing that learning support.”

Who knew his words will soon become a reality!

The ultimate reality of the digital education ecosystem!

Blame it on the 2020 pandemic or anything but digitalization in the education field is going to stay for the long-run — partially or completely — but surely it will.

As you know, the COVID-vaccine has been released in India & even the statistics of patients has gone low, the Government of India has decided to re-open colleges, universities & hostels for students. This initiative has been taken just to ensure that no student has to face any form of educational disruptions — especially students living in remote areas where 24*7 internet facilities are still thought of as something ”new” due to poor connectivity.

The following points depict highlights of the UGC’s new guidelines for reopening colleges, universities & hostels. As a faculty, student or educator, you need to adhere to the new UGC guidelines strictly in order to ensure 100% safety from the virus…

#1: Masks, Sanitization & Social Distancing

Institutions are permitted to re-open but that doesn’t change the ongoing situation. Although the risk of catching a virus is low it may prove dangerous if you fail to take proper precautions! This is why the GOI has requested college & university authorities to make it a point that everyone in the campus wears masks & uses sanitization liquid frequently & keeps a tab on social distancing.

#2: Using the Aarogya Setu App

Aarogya Setu Apphas been thoughtfully developed to let everyone know about the virus status in their surroundings.

It lets you know whether you have contacted a patient somehow or whether you have any possible symptoms of the virus. If at all, mistakenly you get in touch with a patient, the app can help you realize the fact & get yourself checked.

Therefore, the GOI has rightfully asked all stakeholders to download the mobile app while visiting the institution.

#3: Containment Zones

Only the colleges that are not in containment zones have made it to the UGC university list. If your university is in the containment area, you still may need to wait for a while. The students are strictly not allowed to enter campuses in containment zones.

In addition to this, even if the campus is not in a restricted place, any stakeholders who live in such areas are also prohibited from visiting the institutions.

#4: Classes Conduction

Since March 2020, almost every Indian institution has switched to online teaching-learning procedures and implemented college ERP or university management system. Even the exams were conducted virtually with the help of an online examination system after the UGC guidelines for exams were released.

However, now, as the “previous normal” scenario is being re-considered, the pattern of 100% online classes conduction has reduced to a new schedule. It says that 50% of the classroom strength needs to be maintained on a rotation basis per week. The faculty needs to take care of the requirements of the classes while ensuring social distancing. The basic hygiene needs to be followed by building various sanitization points in the campus and via the following guidelines -

· Marking needs to be done for proper students’ queue management

· 6 feet of gap or more can be marked on the floor of the campus

· Labs, classes, libraries — all areas need to be marked

· Alternate seating arrangement in the class is mandatory

· Wearing masks all the time is required

· Washing hands-on small intervals should be followed

· Buses & other transportation facilities need to be sanitized

· All dustbins need to be cleaned regularly

· Spitting in the institutional campus is not allowed under any circumstances

· Swimming pools need not be available

· Air conditioners temperature needs to be set on 24–30 degree Celsius

#5: No Room Sharing in Hostels

Living in a hostel comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The responsibilities of students, as well as the hostel staff, are now doubled due to pandemic.

It is quite evident that sharing of rooms may invite trouble.

Therefore, the UGC new guidelines for hostels have clearly mentioned that no room sharing will be allowed till further order. To check the room availability and ensure the guideline is followed strictly, the faculty or hostel staff can utilize college ERP software with the hostel management system.

#6: Quarantine & Meal Distribution Rule for Hostels

There are many students who come from various — states, cities, and even countries.

In such instances, the quarantine rule of 14 days has been made compulsory to avoid the risk of COVID in the hostels. Speaking of the hostel staff, they have been given a strict order to serve freshly prepared meals to students. The utensils and quality of food must be good.

To Sum Up

The UGC new guidelines for colleges, universities, and hostel reopening are officially uploaded by the GOI on their website. Educational institutions are expected to follow the rules for ensuring a smooth educational journey for students.

To make the roadmap simple — you may opt for a college ERP or university management software integrated with the hostel management system.

Let’s get in touch to discuss the educational ERP system in detail.

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