Is EMIS helpful in Institutional Accreditation?

EMIS Education Management Information System

“The number one rule for being ahead in the race is always following & excelling the current market trend.” — I am not saying this, but the elite group of top professionals has unanimously agreed on the strategy.

Regardless of what industry you work in, you have to go with the flow. Adopting the most-appreciated practices that can bring your work more value is necessary.

Speaking of edTech industry, Education Management Information System, or EMIS Reports– it is the buzzing word in the dictionary of college administrators these days. The reasons are plenty, but the most important of them all is its role in helping higher education institutions (HEIs) in achieving successful accreditation from agencies like NAAC & NBA!

So, if your institution is still hustling to reach the “stage of accreditation”, it’s of paramount importance for you to focus on creating EMIS reports — of course with accuracy & zero errors. Let me explain to you exactly how EMIS can make it happen for your institution…

Analysis of Entire Student Data

The base of any institution lies in the student data.

And imagine if the student data is erroneous, what would happen to the top pillars?

The system would surely collapse in the long-run if appropriate measures are not taken on time. As you know that a college ERP can help you provide the right inputs and manage error-free data, you must be able to generate reports that reflect important facts & figures regarding your students. After all, strategies & planning the next move depends on the reports.

Here, an EMIS report integrated college management system can benefit you highly.

Chance to Work on Areas of Improvement

Next on the list is — sorting out the major learning gaps.

Being deeply insightful, the EMIS reports can help college faculty & educators like you to get a clear sight of ins-and-outs of your institution. It may sound practically impossible to get rich analytics reports of several years, but when you integrate an AI-powered analytics dashboard in the college ERP software, things can be different.

You would be able to filter the key data — day-by-day/month-wise/week-wise/academic year-wise that depicts your institutional learning gaps. Once you identify the root cause of failure, you would be able to work more efficiently.

Centralized Platform for Evaluating Achievements

Along with learning gaps, you also get evaluation EMIS reports that have a record of your achievements in terms of student learning outcomes & key performance indicators. Any section, any class, any course- you get a comprehensive EMIS report that has end-to-end data presented on a centralized platform.

Honestly speaking, accreditation committees like NAAC and NBA do ask for the achievements of previous consecutive years. Managing data for so many years is a big headache and file management is just burdensome.

You can think of MIS report software as a presenter that would help the committee to have every minute detail they need on a single platter!

No need to collect bifurcated data — which may contain zillions of unexpected errors.

To Sum Up

EMIS reports reflect institutional data & student performance.

Any reputed accreditation committee looking for evidence that may prove that your institution is worthy of being accredited would surely appreciate the reports created via the accreditation data management software for colleges. So, in my opinion, EMIS is helpful education ERP software for attaining institutional accreditation.

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