Choosing an Effective SIS System for Exceptional Operational Efficiency

Choosing an Effective SIS System for Exceptional Operational Efficiency

Schools, colleges, and universities — an effective SIS system or student information management system is the need of the hour for every type & size of an educational institution.

And the reason is…? — Well, there are plenty!

The first & foremost reason is that it can help institutions to manage, compile, and access their vast chunk of data — data that is sensitive & confidential. It simply replaces the pen & paper method of maintaining files with a centralized data management system.

If statistics are to be believed, a recent report by MarketsandMarkets states that — “the market of SIS systems is expected to see a growth of USD 5.0 billion to USD 9.0 billion by the year 2023.”

Are you in the process of choosing an effective SIS system for exceptional operational efficiency? Here’s a list of aspects that you need to take care of -

1.Is the software comprehensive enough to ease your work?

The main aim of implementing any student information system should be the growth of your institution. So, always look for a solution that would help you achieve your aim. In technical yet easy terms — you need to have a comprehensive ERP that would add value to your faculty’s working experience as well as students’ learning experience.

Seek a system that eases the paperwork of your faculty & administrative staff while simplifying the enrollment process where students need to fill out their information multiple times. Thus, resulting in wastage of time! The software must create a cloud-based student database for managing students’ data during the entire year and especially during the admission season.

2. Is it integrated with an AI-powered analytics dashboard?

Once the student data management requirements are met, staff productivity enhancement & student performance improvement are the next goals that you need to look after. An AI-powered analytics dashboard feature is what it takes for your student management system to deliver in-depth analytics about the performance of all stakeholders. As an educator, you can track and monitor every single activity of your institution with the software.

Tracking ain’t limited to the administrative information about students. As a faculty or educator, you can keep a tab on the grades of online assessments. All you need is to embed the learning management system with the SIS system.

Analyzing the statistics, and making any decision based on accurate, real-time analytics & coming out with strategies that possibly will result in success can prove to be a game-changer for you in terms of operational efficiency.

3. Is it configurable as per the unique requirements of your institution?

Not every institution is the same.

Nor does every institution follow the same working procedures.

Whether you compare the working pattern of two schools or two higher education institutions, there’s no surety of finding similarity even though they offer the same courses and have the same infrastructure or facilities!

Therefore, when I say that the role of ERP in higher education institutions will vary from that of the ERP school software; there shouldn’t be any confusion. The working pattern of every individual institution is unique and therefore, don’t opt for a system that is rigid in nature.

You need to have a configurable and flexible SIS system that can be tailored to the exact need of your institution.

4. Does the educational ERP software help you in streamlining internal communications?

Communication is yet another parameter that could help in improving the operational efficiency of your institution. Be it a faculty, student, or administrator — transparent communication between all stakeholders will save efforts & time and thus, result in maximum work efficiency!

Therefore, opt for a school ERP system or college software that can provide you with seamless communication.

5.Does it provide role-based access to the database?

Role-based access to the institutional data should not be compromised!

While dealing with any kind of process — be it online admissions or online fees management — the data should be kept safe & secured. You should not allow anyone from the institution to get access to such information easily. As an administrator, you must choose an SIS system that is hosted on a secure cloud and has role-based access permissions to ensure your data is always in the right hands.

To Sum Up

Unlike old complex database systems, today SIS systems can be configured and made flexible enough to meet the individual requirements of institutions. To ensure best practices, you must research the best educational ERP software India vendors in the market and choose a system that delivers the best outcomes by enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your institution.

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