Benefits of Cloud ERP for Campus Automation

What comes to your mind when someone says cutting-edge innovation in the Edtech sector? If the cloud-based ERP system rings a bell, then you must be well aware of how it revolutionized different organizations particularly the education sector. How often have you noticed that certain heads of management or administrators of school fuming with rage and lashing out at a staff member for displacing a file, or due to the stress of not being able to keep track of the influx of new admissions?

Cloud ERP systems have contributed immensely to campus automation of many schools, colleges, and educational institutes by providing more leeway in managing the institutional processes, advancing the network architecture, network management as well as providing tools and mechanisms to enhance the reliability, security, and performance.

How about we take a brief look at how the education ERP particularly has been the need of the hour for several reasons like:-

1. Efficient Data Management

With the starting of a new session, the schools and colleges face a huge number of admissions and readmissions or promotions, additionally, there are those students who are passing out and require transfer certificates; keeping track of each students’ requirement can be a challenging task even if there is a team of administrative personnel. ERP systems are designed to store and manage huge amounts of data without faltering; the chances of misplacing documents in regards to any student is zero.

2. Advanced Infrastructure

As opposed to before, the cloud ERP has evolved and among its many advantages, the one which is the most beneficial is that it amalgamates an entire association into a single platform.

Be it a student, someone working as an admin, teacher, chairperson, or the principal, cloud ERP makes it possible to execute improved management of multiple data in an error-free manner.

3. Complete Data Security

Eliminate the impending worries about data leakage or unlawful usage, cloud ERP provides a top-notch security system that assurances the safe keeping of data which can be only accessed by school authorities, this also allows the educators to share confidential data between different members of the department without having to fret about data theft and misuse.

4. Automatic Updates at Regular Intervals

Generally, manual deployments are required to keep any software updated. Unlike traditional software, the cloud ERP system doesn’t require manual upgrades from time-to-time. Everything is updated “automatically” online whenever there’s a new update available! Thus, it saves manpower as well as countless hours that can be utilized for improving institutional processes.

5. AI-Powered Analytics

So you have hi-tech software that executes your tasks at the fraction of a time, what good is it if it does not provide you with the essential information about how the organization is performing? Well, cloud ERP provides AI-powered data-driven insights through reporting functionalities and active dashboards, determining and identifying students’ performance and areas of improvement have never been so easy, the ERP system comes with this facility that could potentially help them in improving their academic activities.


Opting for an on-premise technology like cloud ERP not only reduces the burden of work on a singular person but also eases the administrative processes. Improved accessibility coupled with easy-to-use technology makes work less intimidating and leads to more productive output.

I am a Bachelor Degree Holder in Computer Science, I am a Software Developer and Educational Consultant for enabling colleges, schools, universities automated.