5 Reasons Why Every Institute Needs Online Attendance Management These Days

online attendance management

What comes to your mind when someone says school? Is it books, exams, teachers? or is it the morning attendance? All the students greet the teacher in unison followed by calling out their names, to which the students respond accordingly. A rather boring and lengthy routine which is nonetheless an essential one too.

Maintaining a particular percentage of attendance in higher educational institutes like schools and colleges is mandatory, failing to do so could potentially cause an issue. In regards to that many students attempt to avoid such situations by making their friends give proxy attendance. Manipulating the daily student attendance is not only wrong but it can eventually lead to additional problems in the future. For instance, it makes it difficult for the institutes to keep track of who is bunking their classes; ultimately giving no clarity as to track the particular student’s interest or focus in the class.

Manual student attendance systems can be easily manipulated by the students who are covering for their friends, but those days of continuing with this unfair activity have come to an end. Digitization has made it possible to overcome such problems, wherein many institutes have implemented education ERP software with an automatic attendance system for students.

But is that the only reason why the Institutes should opt for an automatic attendance system for students?

Well, let’s find out the other important advantages of the attendance management system.

1: Improved speed and reliability

Gone are the days when the teachers had to manually conduct the attendance that took quite a while, with attendance management tools, it has become very fast and without any delay. Real-time monitoring and the reporting of the student’s attendance, either present or absent is executed in a hassle-free manner. This not only saves extra time which could be put into engaging in the learning and teaching process but also it is a reliable system. You do not have to worry about incorrect data entry or maintain any complicated procedure.

2: Improves punctuality

Whether you implement an RFID attendance, biometric attendance device, or school app — there would be no errors in terms of recording any students’ attendance, as the student attendance system is completely automated. The school software ensures that the time in which the student arrives is recorded in an accurate manner, leading the students to come on time. Indirectly teaching them about the important lesson of punctuality.

3: Security aspect

The school attendance system when integrated digitally through different tools and software does not just help in keeping a record of who is absent or present in the class. Digitally-equipped online attendance system for students can also be used for security purposes. According to recent surveys, the crime against children and young adults has increased over the years, at a time like this growing concerns of the parents for their children is justified. After dropping off the kids to the school there is a constant worry if they are going to be safe, thinking about their safe return also keeps bothering us. The online attendance management system has an alert system installed in it which ensures to send notifications to the parents that if their children are in the class or school and not somewhere else.

Apart from schools, higher educational institutes also use this system for college attendance, ensuring the number of classes missed or attended by the students.

4: Efficient management of staff’s attendance

If you thought that the online attendance management system is for college and school students only, then you are mistaken. The system works efficiently to track the attendance of the teachers who are on duty or leave. An Institute comprises a staff of different departments, to keep track of who comes when and leaves is a difficult task. The traditional paper/file and pen method has been in use for the longest time, and without a doubt has proven to be very time-consuming and troublesome to manage.

The automation of attendance has made it very easy to keep track of the staff’s attendance daily.

5: Administrative advantages

As mentioned above apart from keeping track of attendance there are additional functions that an institute can eventually benefit from. For instance, the attendance management system integrated in education erp can be used by the teacher or staff to apply for leaves, it can also be used to calculate total working hours. Being a school or college authority you can also use it to access reports or data related to student’s attendance.

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