5 Best Tips to Track Student Attendance during Online Classes

Schools in India have been shut down since March 2020.

Honorable Prime Minister of India — Shri Narendra Modi Ji has taken the extreme step to ensure children’s safety. Right from schooling & daily lectures to examinations, the Government officials had requested school authorities to manage everything online.

Since the concept of using edTech tools like school ERP in India is new, the step could have backfired & resulted in educational disruptions. Thankfully, due to the efforts of faculty & staff who dealt with the situation so smartly & logically things became smooth.

However, online student attendance is a key pain point in online classes.

If you are a faculty or educator and facing challenges in managing student attendance online, this blog will help you get through it. Let’s understand how remote teaching-learning ERP campus tools integrated with the student attendance system can help you track your student attendance during online classes.

#Tip 1: School Attendance Management System

Unlike traditional teaching-learning, during the online classroom sessions, you don’t get the provision to take pen & paper and mark students’ attendance.

Anyways, pen-paper ain’t the best way to mark attendance on a virtual platform.

So, coming to the main pain point, you can integrate an online student attendance management system in your e-learning module. This “silver-tech-bullet” will ease your student attendance tracking journey by automating the process. The entire student data — number of present students, absent students, and their attendance history can be managed seamlessly.

#Tip 2: Online Discussion in the Video Lectures

A multitude of classes, sections, academic years, backlog classes, and what not!

Tracking student activities is surely a hassle for faculty like you, right?

However, if you feel that the integration of an online attendance system for students is not an option for you, this tip will help.

To ensure that students are actively listening to your lectures and engaged in e-content, you can take real-time video lectures. Online discussion in video lectures will kill two birds with one stone –tracking students’ interest in daily activities & their attendance as well!

#Tip 3: Short Quizzes for Active Participation

The next tip is — arranging short quizzes.

Instead of following traditional methodologies, design random quizzes just for the fun of students.

You can research a little information from books, or use the internet for searching fun questionnaires. A student attendance system can also be your best friend in designing the task.

All you need is a plan and purpose for which you want the kids to focus. Active participation of students would eventually help in tracking & monitoring daily student attendance!

#Tip 4: Daily Assignments Submissions

Daily assignment submission of students on the ERP campus portal is yet another method to track your student attendance. You can ask students to upload the assignments on the e-learning portal daily and check whether they do it regularly. Connecting indirectly with students would reflect their level of dedication concerning the online classes.

Instead of marking attendance, you can keep a count of students who submit the assignments daily. It will save your time a lot and maximize your productivity.

#Tip 5: Analytics Provided by School ERP Campus

Last but not least — take the help of AI-powered analytics integration in the school ERP software.

AI-analytics dashboard can show you the ins-and-outs of every student, belonging to any year/class/section. It means you don’t need to check the online attendance system for students every time you require attendance-related data.

All you need is the dashboard and you can download the required information directly. Ask your school ERP system vendor to embed a dashboard with the automatic attendance system along with convenient downloading format options.

And that’s all!

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Strategic decisions are always the best way to sort problems.

The above 5 strategically designed tips will surely help you track and manage online student attendance without any possibility of errors & time-consumption would decrease to less than a few minutes.

If you are an educational institution looking for school ERP in India or a college attendance system, do get in touch with my team.

I hope it helps!



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